Mosty State Museum "Forest and Man"

The museum is the only ecological museum in Grodno Region. It was founded in 1985; in 1991 it was opened for visitors. The work priorities are: nature conservation and ecology as well as the main nature value in Mosty - the Lipichanskaya Pushcha. The museum consists of 4 expositional and 1 exhibition halls. The exposition presents the trade and crafts related to forest, the history of the town and the enterprise "Mostovdrev" and the nature of the region. The museum halls and funds safely preserve the objects of material culture. The total museum collection consists of 8736 items (2022), 4210 items in the main fund. Special attention is attracted by the treasure of the coins (the beginning of the 17th century), found around Mosty, the traditional local female costume, a wide collection of wooden items. Since 2007, the museum hold a yearly local contest, called "Ecology. Human Being. Future". The participants are usually the students from local schools. In 2012, the contest received an inter-district status. The museum personnel developed the cultural and educational program "The Tree of Life". A great attention is usually also paid to the theatrical events dedicated to the traditions of celebrating Christmas holidays.